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Description: Learn to play REAL Mahjong with WordsJong. Ideal for learning English and Mahjong or just have some serious fun. In Wordsjong, Instead of CHI, CHOW (eat) 1,2,3 or 2,3,4 type of numbered sequence tiles, you now have to CHI food name (cod, bun, etc). Triplet is any 3 tiles of a kind PENG set or a CHI set. Further, free style, means that you are not resitrcted to the popular 3 Fan rule. You will be able to win in any way as long as it is a winning pattern. Of course, score still varies. depending on your hand. Updated 3 Beginner rounds and money scoring system like real mahjong. For full instructions, please visit for a good explaination of the Wordjong game.
Instructions: Use your mouse to throw the tiles or interact with on screen elements. Use Mouse Wheel to change the view. Brief Rules: First 3 Rounds are tranining rounds and they each start with 5 tiles, 8 tiles, 11 tiles respectively. On a normal round, you start with 14 (dealer) tiles on your hand. As other people discards or upon pickup, you will have to match tiles in AAA, AAA, AAA, AAA, AA pattern to win. AAA is a triplet that consist of 3 of the same kind or a CHI food word. The last AA is any pair. The game score various on the pattern due to the more detailed characteristics. If no body wins then it is a DRAW and no score is given. For full instructions on how to play, please visit for a good explaination of the Wordjong game.